International business community to adapt to the digital labor market. We unite businesses and people in a digital environment for effective interaction. Presented in the form of a digital open joint-stock company on the blockchain (DAO), in which each participant has a share and dividends from the results of the company's activities.

The area of the supply and demand of the business and participants (stock exchange) Accelerated development programs. Global changes, crises, pandemics and other modern challenges show the inefficiency of the existing economic model in the world.

Decentralization is one of the most promising areas for further economic development. It adds a significant advantage. Crypto does not have a specific Manager, it, as it were, exists by itself. No one can use the owner's currency: the state, banks, and special services.

And we a glad to share our knowledge with you and teach you how to get profits of crypto and how to take part in creation of new era Decentralized Autonomous Organization based on crypto.

World progress

What is happening worldwide in economy?

  • Investment

    There are more than 10 investment opportunities in the cryptocurrency economy.

    There are more than 1 800 traded cryptocurrencies on the market.

    $ 3,970,015,206 have been collected by 220 ICO projects for 2018.

    Investing in blockchain projects through the ICO has exceeded venture capital investment by 3.5 times.

  • Technologies

    More than 5,000 companies using blockchain technologies are registered in the world.

    Governments and businesses around the world are launching pilot projects to introduce blockchain technologies.

    Blockchain is implemented by large companies from the "traditional" sector (Alibaba, Microsoft and others).

  • People

    There are more than 10 new professions related to crypto economics.

    In 2019, recruitment portals recorded a tenfold increase in the need for blockchain specialists.

    Specialists in crypto economics are on the 2nd place in the growth of demand in the world.

  • Laws

    In most countries, the legislation in the field of crypto economy is developing rapidly.

    States are looking for an optimal model of supranational regulation of cryptocurrencies.


  • Practicing teacher

    The speaker of the course works on projects in the field of a decentralized economy, is engaged in investing and studying blockchain technologies.

  • Dialogue, not lecture

    Within two days you will be able to communicate with experts and ask your questions. We can pay attention to those aspects that you are more interested in.

  • Only up-to-date information

    In a decentralized economy, everything changes very quickly. Every day we monitor the market changes and tell only what is relevant.